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Self-Sustainablilty is at the Very Heart of Our Personal Mission and Purpose in Uganda

Our heart's desire is to provide personal, "one-on-one" instruction to the women and children in our local villages. We teach them how to utilize local materials to create unique and marketable crafts,and household items to sell locally and beyond. Additionally, Michael has also been working with the young men, teaching them basic management and business skills. All the while, we are building personal relationships whereby we might share with them practical, Christ-centered understandings, life skills and disciplines.


Building Genuine, Trusting Relationships is of Utmost Importance in Our Work

Genuinely reaching out and helping people begins with building real and lasting trust. Distributing hand-outs and assistance is relatively easy, but seldom lasting. Entering into someone's life and daring to see and understand their lives from their perspective takes time, patience and deep commitment. We are here for the privilege of sharing in their lives and building lasting friendships for a lifetime and beyond.


Your Continued Support Makes All the Difference in Their World, and Ours as Well!

One person can only do so much. Even a highly talented and trained team is limited by their combined skills, efforts and personal resources. Without our supporting team members, even our very best of intentions can not reach very far nor for very long. 

Your regular support enables us to continue to help those who are in real need. So we ask you, won't you consider "Joining Judy in Uganda" by supporting us financially as we purpose to make a real and lasting difference?

Come "Join Judy" in Uganda!

A Few Words about Uganda


For many of our visitors to this site, Uganda is just another country somewhere way on the other side of the world, in Africa, right?

Yes, in East Africa, and here are a few more things you may want to know...

How it All Began


Many people have asked, "How was it that you first became interested in Uganda?" Or, "Why Uganda???"  Well, here is the story, in a nutshell, as brief and to the point as time and space might allow.

Where We are Today


Here we would like to bring you up to date on what all has transpired since our very first trips to Uganda, and how our vision has grown and matured. We think you are going to be pleasantly surprised!

More Ways You Can Help


Of course, not everyone can actually come to Uganda, and not everyone has the resources to donate cash money, but there are many other ways you can really help. You may be surprised!

Bring Uganda to Your Livingroom!


One way you can really help in supporting our work is to host a Trunk Show in your home or workplace. It is fun, intriguing, and you will find some amazing items and gifts not available anywhere else.

Come to Uganda with Judy!


Have you ever dreamed about maybe going to Africa and seeing the land and people for yourself? Why not consider "Joining Judy in Uganda" on one of her mission trips? It's not as totally impossible as you might have once thought!

Even your small donations make a BIG difference in Uganda!

Many of the families in the rural areas of Uganda where we work will make less than $1.25 a day. Your purchases and contributions will go a long way in helping us meet these many real needs. We sincerely want to "Thank You" in advance for your continued help, support and consideration!

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